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What branch of government has the greatest impact on you and I?

As of this writing, the price for a gallon of gasoline at gas-pump service stations has reached $2.85 and rumor has it that that will soon go even higher.

Now, it's true that unless one knows how to read letters and numbers - compliments of the Dept of Education - that means nothing. And the Dept of the Interior along with the Dept of Agriculture plus Food and Drug Administration are involved with having enough good stuff in grocery stores from farms for us consumers to have enough health and bodily physical strength to go and buy gasoline for our pollutive non-electric vehicles. Other government agencies accomodate to such, such as the IRS taking inventory of money we earn to buy gasoline, the FCC setting the broadcast standards for cellphone and internet communications for us to locate where the cheapest gasoline is at the time, the FAA who control gasoline-consuming aircraft which fly gasoline-vehicle repair parts to us overnite, etc.

However, the Dept of Commerce (in cohoots with Arab OPEC, trans-ocean oil tankers, oil refineries, and tax-setting politicians/legislators) regulates gas-pump prices, our every-three-days buying of gasoline at service stations, our weekly grocery purchases with food prices escalating because of higher-priced gasoline-transport costs, our monthly expenses we have pertaining to property and mortgaged or apartment-rent housing plus utilities, storage units, pager and cellphone and internet services, vehicle insurance, clothing and hobby and amusement expenses, etc.

That is why the 13th chapter of the New-Testament book of Revelation speaks of antichrist controlling global commerce with the 666 mark on the right hand or forehead of all the satanic who will participate commercially. Already, the ruby-red lasers at checkout counters scan bar codes of purchased items, and the identification of purchasers is already being related to what they purchase plus when and where they purchase those purchases (by use of either electronic-transfer-of-funds bank-identifiable debit or credit cards, bank-identifiable checking accounts, or cash with shown Driver's License verification). It would be a simple step to barcode the purchasers themselves with the demonic tattoo of 666 not only to sift out would-have-been-anonymous terrorists and other lawbreakers but for the sake of the possibly-forthcoming National Sales/Use Tax taking the place of the annually-burdensome and inefficient Form 1040 Tax Code and related plethoria of confusing and complex IRS forms.

Porno-Retaliation and Erotic Fulfilment

Why Not Show Porn?

Why Show Porn?

The answers to both questions above is multi-faceted.

Showing partially-immodest people their own partially-indecent porno appearance they themselves are exhibiting during warm summer days would elicit responses of "So what's wrong with that?" "It's perfectly normal to be comfortable during hot weather." "Most everyone's doing it." "Get your mind out of the gutter." "You pervert."

Each irrationalization stated above could be answered separately if given enough time to answer (which time is usually not given with the hit-and-run soon-gone-and-out-of-sight attack-and-escape tactics of warm-days immodest terrorists freely and quasi-legally roaming around at random in general public view).

If given more time to confront each immodest offender, more severe porn of bared breasts, nipples, buttocks, crotch, vulva, penis, etc. could be shown them to RETALIATE against and SHAME them, but such would in effect not shame them unless combined with retaliatory Bible verses classifying their immodesty as shameful!

Unlike public displays of homosexual lust (which is not only very seldom seen publicly and quite noxious and disgusting when it is occasionally seen in public), summertime exposure of particularly female-human body parts (e.g. arms, back, belly, thighs, legs, and feet) is erotically stimulating, and therefore causes a problem that cannot be remedied, absolved, nor countered with mere words. Actions of that type result in physical actions beyond mere verbal language.

Related to that, why do people expose such parts publicly during warm weather? Do they intend to continue and worsen their exposure by baring their private parts for restroom urination or defecation? There are lockable restrooms for that purpose, with legal-by-statute commonly-accepted gender-differentiated enclosed-lavatory-stall privacy.

If the purpose for exposure is not urine or feces elimination, are they preparing to bathe or shower privately in a private in-house or private-apartment bathroom tub or shower room?

If the exposure is not for that purpose either, are they preparing for totally-nudity-enhanced sexual intercourse (also usually not openly seen in general public view but instead done in the privacy of a home bedroom or motel room)?

The effect of members of the general public accidently viewing partial indecent exposure of other members of the general public in general public view is an useless and mindless erotic one relating to and culminating in either covert or overt, admitted or non-admitted, marital or immoral sexual intercourse.....and the usual result is immoral, mis-timed, inappropriate sexual intercourse with naked bodies abused as lustful degraded and defiled sexual objects for quickie momentary use and then lovelessly discarded.

Concerning that, the production and display of X to XXX-rated porn photos, movies, videos, paintings, etc. are a logical consequence in culminating pseudo-fulfilment of what partial indecent exposure invaribly leads to.

The ultimate and best sexual behavior resulting in the finest erotic fulfilment possible for human beings is, of course, based on the advice, counsel, admonitions, ordinances, and commands contained within The HOLY BIBLE - with reference to the best of the KJV, RSV, NASV, etc. translations (or - better yet - knowledgeable about the Masoretic Hebrew Old-Testament Text and Scrivener/Trinitarian Majority-Received Greek Text underlying such).

As both you the reader and I the webauthor are well aware, however, that Sacred Standard is not fully followed, nor even significantly adhered to, by most people......both in terms of how the immoral majority licentuously mis-dresses (in general BOTH-gender PUBLIC view)...especially during warm spring, summer, and autumn days....and consequentially acts lasciviously in terms of fornication, adultery, and sodomy of all stages, degrees, and types.

What is particularly disturbing and misfortunate is that many people presume that media pornography is bad and (to various extents) illegal, while live-person partial indecent-exposure/disorderly-conduct is perfectly legal, normal, expected, and conventional...especially during warm spring, summer, and autumn days in GENERAL public view.

Is such the case? It is true that media pornography, such as that in so-called skin or men's magazines, videos, and on the internet consist of extreme nudity and erotic contact not usually seen in GENERAL public view, but the images are (except for videos and equivalent) are motionless. Unless there is big-screen viewing, the images are small. The images obviously are restricted to a predictable format, and can be brought up or hidden away at the viewer's whims. They can be created or destroyed according to the will of the observers, more or less.

Not so are the terroristic impositions of LIFE-sized, in-MOTION, full-COLOR, PARTIAL-porn of PARTIALLY-immodest LIVE-person women roaming non-restricted along roadways on sidewalks, in parks, stores, shopping centers, visible in their own yards, at church, etc. - especially during warm spring, summer, and autumn days.

So what's the difference between their live-person partially-immodest (NOT partially-modest) indecency....and media pornography found on the internet, for example? Again, the live-person immodest presume they are doing what is legal, allowable, expected, normal, conventional, and attractive with their life-sized, full-and-true-color, sharp-image, in-motion (i.e. moving), random-choice-of-THEIR-OWN disorderly conduct...whereas media porn is usually in the format of MUCH-LESS-EFFECTIVE small, motionless, predictable, ADMITTEDLY improper and questionably illegal mere lifeless images on paper or screen.........readily disposable without criminal indictments of sexual harassment, assault, and manslaughter being brought against those who edit (not deface), censor, tear up, burn, smash, or throw away the objects causing lurid lust (although there may be charges of "vandalism" by deviate bullyboy bastards and lewd bitches).


We're talking about [non-wanted imposition and public-safety driving hazards of female walkers, joggers, and bikers along highways] ignorant or deliberate SADISTS who deliberately or carelessly tantalize men by publicly flaunting

LOOSE-long-haired (NON-ponytailed/NON-chignoned) MOPHEADEDNESS, and/or
NAKED ARMS bared by SLEEVELESS garments, and/or
BAREDD TOES and ANKLES exposed by SOCKLESS sandals,
and so on.....

.....quite non-willing to follow up with logical oral and genital connections related to such obnoxious non-asked-for carnal advertisement.

The Word of God tells us (in Ephesians chapter 5) to "not let immorality nor impurity be even named among us," and thus not make perverse suggestions nor even insinuations both verbally and by body language!

Unlike ACCURSED [men and FEMINIST-SEXIST-twit women] who CLAIM the sight of partially immodest women "do not bother them"' - who heap heavy burdens on all by blattering that MEN should "simply look away" after having "aggressively" [but in fact ACCIDENTLY!] looked once at what has in effect been shoved in their faces, told to "think on things above where Christ is" and "turn the other cheek" with a "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me" [ABSURDITY], NO respect is to be given to those gals who are not willing to engage in the sexual activities with any and all strangers they entice.

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